Who is the Leader in Krill Oil?

My Personal Review

There are continuously new and upcoming omega-3 supplements appearing on the market, claiming to be far more superior than any other existing product. Whether these claims are accurate or not, I have created this page to help consumers like myself, in choosing superior health products, specifically a highly-absorbable form of omega-3’s- krill oil.

Krill are small crustaceans relative to shrimp, that thrive in Waters. Unlike large fish, krill do not accumulate toxins and heavy metals, rendering them safer and virtually free from contamination. Krill oil is uniquely bound to structures known as phospholipids, naturally present in human cell membranes, distinctly setting it apart from fish oil The omega-3’s in fish oil are bound to triglycerides, making them less bioavailable and less absorbable. Krill oil has been shown to be far more effective for improving cardiovascular health, particularly with healthy cholesterol maintenance, improving joint mobility, memory and increasing overall energy.

Through my own fair share of digestive complications, weight concerns, imbalanced mood and poor cholesterol levels, no other supplement has impacted me in such a way. With krill oil I was able to restore my health naturally and most importantly, at my own pace. This is why I bring my life lessons and journey to you- to educate the misinformed and guide consumers in the right direction.

- Angela