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Advanta Krill Oil is a lower-priced omega-3 supplement offering 1,000mg of krill oil per serving. There is very little information available about the product and the page lacks details.

About Advanta

When comparing Advanta as an organization to other companies, it seems as though they are not as well established and do not provide the most detailed information, as other krill oil companies do. What is known about their products is that they are produced in FDA approved labs in the United States. No details are given about the quality of their products or where their ingredients are derived from.

Product Ingredients

The product contains 1,000mg of krill oil per serving, which sums the total of active constituents rather than breaking them down individually. It is said that this product is a source of vitamins A and E as well. Glycerin and purified water are added as fillers.

The Pros

The softgels are transparent which allows you to see the color of the krill oil. Additionally, the product is in a black bottle which prevents light from passing through.

The Cons

First and foremost, Advanta does not even list the source of their krill. They seem to be one of the least credible makers of krill oil merely based on this fact alone. Secondly, the label lacks detail considering the EPA, DHA, phospholipids and astaxanthin are not even broken down individually. It would be wise for Advanta to highlight key features of their product if they continue to market their krill oil as being the best.

My Recommendation

This company does not present itself to be trustworthy. The most important feature for any krill oil product is the region in which it is sourced, which is not listed on the label. Additionally, the potencies of the active ingredients are not broken down which makes it difficult for consumers to compare EPA and DHA levels. I would not recommend this krill oil as other companies have been more successful in providing further details and specific potencies.