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Oceano3 Krill Oil uses a proprietary extraction process to concentrate higher levels of EPA, DHA and astaxanthin. Their product claims to be 100% pure, natural and free of GMOs. Oceano3 is 2.5x more absorbed than fish oil and is free from toxins and contaminants found in other products. Phospholipids, naturally found in Oceano3, are not found in fish oil and represent the building blocks of krill oil.

About Oceano3

This company is not well known. Oceano3 is a registered name, however the contact information is linked to Neptune Resources, one of the major krill oil suppliers in the omega-3 market. Neptune uses one of the most superior extraction methods and has various clinical trials to date that prove krill oil's efficacy. Not much can be said regarding Oceano3. It's not clear whether or not this is a sister company of Neptune or if Neptune has developed this product themselves.

Product Ingredients

Gelatin, glycerin, purified water, sorbitol, ethyl vanillin.

The Pros

Oceano3 Krill Oil is sustainably harvested, tested for impurities and clinically proven to deliver results. Unlike other brands of krill oil, their astaxanthin content is quite high and their solvent residue is 0.001%- one of the lowest among any brand.

The Cons

This product contains added ingredients that are not found in other krill oil products including sorbitol and ethyl vanillin. While these ingredients are sometimes found in dietary supplements as preservatives and fillers, any high quality krill oil product does not require them.